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June 2023 Classes

Class Descriptions

Spin – An indoor cycling class for all fitness levels. You will burn maximum calories in a high energy setting! Our instructors have over 20 years of experience AND are road cyclists also! The best of both worlds!

Power Fit – Barbell class that will tone and strengthen your entire body! This class focuses on challenging weight loads and high repetition movements, which helps burn fat and gain lean muscle.

Spin Combo – Created by our own Wellness Today instructors, this class is a cardio workout using our awesome spin bikes in an interval setting. It incorporates the use of BOSU, exercise bands, dumbbells, etc.

Power Sculpt – Designed by our own WT instructors, this strength workout uses various exercise equipment such as the BOSU, exercise tubes, bands and dumbbells for a muscle defining experience.

FIT CLASSES – These classes are designed especially for Seniors who want to challenge their mind and body to bring their fitness to another level. We offer a variety of Senior Fit classes to help you meet your fitness goals:

  • Fit CARDIO – A cardio class focusing on heart rate training.
  • Fit SCULPT – A strength class which utilizes a variety of equipment.
  • Fit CIRCUIT – A class that combines strength and cardio.
  • Fit CORE - A class that focuses on strengthening core and balance.

INTERMEDIATE FIT CLASSES - Same class structure as above but with a lower level of difficulty.

Sit & Strong – Fitness class incorporating the use of a chair, exercise tubes, hand weights and exercise balls.

Tai-Chi – Mindful movement using the healing breathing techniques of Qi-gong and the balancing and strengthening movements of Tai-Chi.

Mobility – Flexibility class structured around the use of a chair. Focus is on balance, flexibility, mobility, and core strength.

Fit & Strong – This class includes both cardio and strength training with detailed instruction on how to correctly begin your fitness journey.

Yoga Stretch – A class featuring movement and static stretches. Improving flexibility and range of motion can relieve body pain and improve performance of daily activities.