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Call now for your 7-day FREE trial! Download the Health History Form or come by, take a tour, and fill it out then. If you are 40 and over, Wellness Today requires a Doctor's release to exercise. WE CAN TAKE CARE OF THAT FOR YOU! Call 771-8010 and let us get you started!


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"I have never been a "couch potato" but planning my own workouts was not effective for me. I went to a gym regularly, rotated through the machines, and was still gaining weight gradually and not seeing any increases in my stamina. For my 60th birthday, I gave myself the gift of one cycle of the FUEL program. It included 4 months of sessions with a dietitian, 4 times a week during that time with a certified/degree holding trainer, and a very small group of multi -generational people with varying needs. What a blessing! I lost down to the weight my registered dietitian helped me target, I actually climbed Guadalupe Peak, and I have "graduated" to a twice a week workout program called AFTER BURN. In the 6 years (don't add that to when I started or you will know my age now!!!!) that I have participated, my trainer Beau West has never repeated a series of exercises, I have made friends with people from age 21 years to 70 years, and I am actually able to ski, hike, and chase grandchildren like never before. Come and try out the FUEL's an effective tool in staying healthy! "
Nov 04, 2018
"This gym has one of the best instructor. If you never done one of Shelia classes, it’s a must. Thanks Shelia Cagle! You Rock!!!"
Aug 13, 2018
"The staff is so friendly, and helpful. I really like this place!"
Aug 13, 2018
"Very nice staff, the nutritionists are really helpful and knowledgeable. Easily the best workout facility I've ever been a part of!!!"
Aug 13, 2018
"Let me tell you why Wellness Today has changed my life. I have been a member for 4 years now and have never felt better. It all started for me when Sheila came & asked me to try spin. I was overweight & out of shape! I thought how could I make it? But I did & since that time I have been to many classes with great trainers like Sheila, Judy, Beau & LeNell. I have worked with one staff nutritionist Mindy who is awesome & have made friends with some great members. One member Kathy has introduced me to running. I am currently training for my first official running event in April. Wellness Today works for me & it can work for you too!"
Aug 13, 2018