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Speed and Agility Training in Lubbock TX

The Performance Training program at Wellness Today is for the athlete who is dedicated, highly motivated and wants to improve their overall athletic ability. This program can also help reduce the risk of injury in each participant. If the athlete is coming back from an injury, this program will help return the athlete back to competition stronger and more athletic than they were before their injury. Our Performance Training Program has over ten years of proven results from beginners to professional athletes (as proven by research studies conducted by Texas Tech University). The athlete will train in a positive, highly structured environment that will dramatically improve overall athleticism. This program is designed specifically for each athlete under the direction of their doctor and or Physical Therapist if applicable. It will focus on developing balance, speed, quickness, jumping ability, and strength. We will cover five major categories in each training session: Balance & Stability, Landing Mechanics & Jumps, Running Mechanics & Straight Ahead Speed, Agility & Change of Direction and Strength & Power. Just like the links of a chain, these categories are linked together. If one link is weak, the chain will break. In our program we focus on developing and strengthening each link of the chain.

Below are specific things that will be covered in each training session:

  • Dynamic Flexibility
  • First Step Quickness
  • Reaction Speed
  • Change of Direction
  • Multidirectional Movements
  • Acceleration/Deceleration
  • Vertical Power/Plyometrics
  • Isolated/Multi Joint Strengthening
  • Proper Landing Mechanics
  • Muscular Balance
  • Core Control

Our Reconditioning Specialist can conduct performance testing such as Biodex Isokinetic, Passive and Reactive testing, Biodex Balance Testing, and Body Composition.

Successful athletes rarely "just happen." They are the result of a clear and definite approach to their athletic development, under the guidance of those skilled at bringing out the very best in the athletes they train.

We are the number one provider of speed and agility training in Lubbock Texas