Bridge Program personal trainer and physical therapy patient

The Bridge Program is a unique opportunity for patients that have recently completed physical therapy. The program is designed to complement the strength-training and flexibility exercises that were preformed in physical therapy, while also introducing the patient to new movements that will help them build total-body strength, which will reduce the risk of future injuries.

Our unique gym has all of the equipment that you are accustomed to using within physical therapy, as wells as a fully equipped gym. The bridge program is a safe way to transition to a total-body workout, while not jeopardizing the progress you have made within physical therapy. While you are in our bridge program, you will get two sessions with one of our Personal Trainers to ensure that you can continue your workouts safely. We encourage you not to lose the progress you have made in therapy by stopping by and trying out a free week.

Member Testimonials


Coming back from a life-altering injury is a commitment; one that doesn’t end when your doctor and physical therapist release you. Over the last year, Wellness Today and its staff have helped me to push safely myself. I’m not sure when my focus switched from recovery to fitness, but I could not start my work day without Wellness Today.


I was initially sent to Physical Therapy Today by my doctor in hopes of avoiding back surgery. The therapy worked and surgery was avoided. After completing therapy I was released to Wellness Today, where their staff helped me to continue my back exercises. It has been over a year and at this point my back is stronger and more stabile than it has been in a long time. I am very thankful for all the help from Physical Therapy Today and Wellness Today.